Sunday, April 11, 2010

Udaipur - The City Of Lakes and Fountains!

The city of Dawn, even known as the Venice of India, Udaipur is a lovely land around the azure water lakes, hemmed in by the thriving hills of the Aravalis. Its kaleidoscope of fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens and narrow lanes sprinkled with stalls, carry the flavor of heroic past, epitomizing velour and courtliness. Their reflection in the docile waters of the Lake Pichhola is an alluring sight.

Udaipur is the jewel of Mewar kingdom ruled by the Sisodia dynasty for 1200 Years. The foundation of the city has a fascinating legend associated with it. According to it, Maharana Udai Singh, the founder, was hunting one day when he met holy man meditations on a hill overlooking the Lake Pichhola. The recluse blessed the Maharana and advised him to build a palace at this complimentary located spot with a fertile valley watered by the stream, a lake, an agreeable altitude and an amphitheater of low mountains. Maharana followed the advice of the hermit and founded the city in 1559 A.D.

Udaipur is famous for its appealing lakes, but the city has many more attractions that catch the attention of the tourists with their charm. Lake Palace of Udaipur has been accredited for being one of the most romantic places all across the globe. The massive forts of Udaipur, grab the interest of people with their sheer structure and architecture. The beautiful temples create a sense of aestheticism with their spiritual ecstasy. Udaipur also boasts of various palaces, gardens, monuments and colorful festivals that pull tourists to visit the city for once.

Udaipur tour covers many palaces one of which is the famous Lake palace, on the banks of Lake Pichola, and the experience here is irresistible. Udaipur actually turns the trip into an imperial extravaganza as it takes you back to the century old times, because of its well preserved forts and palaces. Many of the palaces have been converted into luxury hotels in Udaipur. Dudh Talai a beautiful rock garden leaves you mesmerized with the sunset view in Lake Pichola.

Udaipur is undoubtedly a dream destination for a romantic holiday. Every year, thousands of tourists come from all over the globe to visit this beautiful city. So, if you are tired of your hectic schedules and daily routine, then plan a trip to the city of lakes to lighten up your worries and tensions. A tour to the charming city of Udaipur would certainly become an unforgettable part of your memories and you will cherish these memories throughout your life.