Tuesday, December 25, 2012

John Green - Fault In Our Stars

The thing about books is they leave you with memories. The thing about characters is they take the form of life you want and permanently reside in your universe. Sometimes as a friend and sometimes as a reflection of what you want to be. The thing about books is that the story they behold stays with you. It becomes a part of you. They make you feel emotions you never thought you could feel.

I was looking for a certain book when I accidently came across John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Now even though it is not some extraordinaire work of fiction, it still has that spark. People who have read it might just call it a ‘chick book (like a chick flick)’. But I refuse to do so. Emotions cannot be differentiated on the basis of gender. That would be unfair and rude. Emotions are meant to be felt.

The book is about Hazel Grace and Augustus (Gus) Waters. Both are Cancer patients and both have a unique sense of humor which absorbs you as you walk through their journey. The thing about cancer patients is that we believe they start living death even before they actually face it. John Green managed to contradict that in a manner as if mocking us by proving us wrong.

A person leaves you with a void to deal with for the rest of your life when s/he walks out of your universe. You never knew what that void could be like unless it hits you in the face. That’s the thing about death. It leaves the others who are alive emotionally handicapped. Their lives are like stars that cannot fathom a constellation.

When Gus died, he left a void in my universe.

This book is definitely worth a read.