Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Girl In Town...

This time I am not going to talk about any current issue, or any other person. This post, I dedicate to myself!
I was born in one of the most beautiful city of the world, Udaipur. I was born and raised up there till my 6th grade, after which I shifted to the City of Dreams.

Life took a complete U-turn. I was in a completely new world. I was reborn. I learned everything all over again just like a new-born.

Having studied in a girl’s convent school in my early years, the co-ed system astounded me! I was flabbergasted to see guys and girls mix with each other with so much ease and comfort. It was quiet awkward for me to be so cool with a guy! The “Yo!” “Wassup Dude!” sounded difficult to me. Time is the key here. And so as the time passed I too got used to it. Of course, now moving from a small city to a metro is indeed very stressful. The change one goes through is massive!

Ma Pa was very supportive. I still remember my dad telling me repeatedly to build up the self-esteem and build up the confidence to face the world! Mom always stood on the comforting end. We all know how moms are like. 1 tear in your eye and the soft hearted angel turns into a warrior to fight the world for you.

Time passed. 1 year… 2 years… 3 years…

And now after 7 long years in this city, I am a completely changed person. Things that I would have never considered of had I been in Udaipur, I think about them now. Fields I would have never been acquainted with, I know them now. I am pretty sure that if I was in Udaipur now, I would have been doing the regular B.Com course. Not that I am saying that the course is bad. It has its own standard. But B.Com is not my thing. What I mean to say is that I would have never explored Media as a field. Or for that matter, I would have never had this blog and wouldn't have got the chance to talk to you guys like this.

But as they say, “Whatever happens…happens for your good”! This indeed happened for the best!
Currently I am a First year BMM student in one of the top colleges of Mumbai! (I will brag a little now. :P) I am interning with MTV! YO! And just like every other teenager I too have big wild dreams. Chill! I won’t bore you with the ‘dream talks’.

So guys do drop in your comments. Tell me about yourself. I have readers whom I don’t know. Isn’t that lame? Awaiting your comments! :)


Juzer said...

yeah.. uve been great! :D <3

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