Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Positivity Please?

Why does one watch a news channel?
To know what’s happening around. To be aware of one’s surroundings.

So yesterday, to accomplish this very purpose and in an attempt to 'know what's happening around the world' I switched on the T.V. to cognisant myself. Last night on Star News at 9 P.M., the first news was about NASA’s Atlantis being launched. Following that we had Rahul Gandhi who did not eat at a Dalit’s house.

Funny right? On one side we have these people who are aiming for the sky and are establishing their mark there.
And look at us! We are still busy solving our ground issues which apparently, has no end it.

When will the time come when we will be in their place? When will we get to hear such news about our country?

You must be thinking here she goes again with her philosophy.

To that I’ll say, THINK!


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