Friday, September 30, 2011

BMM Veracities

It’s 1:50 A.M. right now and I am wide awake. Since teenagers are known and expected to be awake this late, there is nothing interesting in the first sentence. But what if I tell you that I am up so late working on a project which I know will not help me in any way in the future. But I have to do it anyway because my professor thinks it’s cool and the education system thinks it is their sole duty to enforce an absolutely vague project and make me work on it or else I might just fail the nation and die in hunger and poverty.

When I joined KC BMM, I was on some cloud. I lost the count midway so can’t tell you which cloud that was exactly. BMM was all I wanted to do (and still want to). According to me it was the coolest course ever (it still is…well, at least KC BMM is).

The course is a lot more than what I thought it was. It made me realise my true potential. I didn’t know I could be so determined and could work at a stretch of 10 hours just because I wanted to. If I work like I worked today, my dreams shall become reality very soon. It has been 8 hours now and I am trying to do something which people take hardly 2 minutes to do. It’s a cake walk for them and when I tried eating a slice from that cake I gained 5 Kilos in a second. That was not a very good punch there, right? I know. Just for the record, I am trying to do page lay outing in Adobe InDesign. Somehow, somewhere, I thought it would be fun. If fun implies compromising my sleep and dark circles under my eyes, then I’m sorry, I’m a happy sadist.

For all you sane people out there, you’ve read enough. Believe me. You don’t want to read any further because I am not going to write any further. Forget good, even if a decent writer reads this blog post, he will jump out of the window. Good for me. What can be better than your competition killing itself? Again a bad punch. I’m sure God must have shot a kitten in its face somewhere for this. Sorry kitty. 


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