Monday, December 26, 2011

Ten Things 2011 Taught Me

Ten things 2011 taught me –

  1. Love your work the most. It will always be faithful to you.
  2. There is a huge difference between your mind governing your thoughts and your thoughts governing your mind. The former is healthy, the latter destructive.
  3. Believing is essential. You fail the moment you lose faith.
  4. Nothing is more powerful than self-confidence. It is the strongest weapon you can ever possess.
  5. The basic idea of life is To Experience. By the time you turn into ashes, you would have experienced all the adjectives that the world uses to define ‘life’.
  6. No dreams, no reality.
  7. Destruction of borrowed dreams has a way of hurting more than those your own.
  8. Our first and last love is…Self-love.
  9. One powerful idea is all it takes. That one original thought.
  10. It is good to be confused provided it drives you nuts until you have cleared it out.

So this was it for 2011.

Dear 2012,

Prove the Mayans wrong, please.



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