Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ramdev Baba Is No Anna Hazare!

So now we have a new fashion in town…Hunger Strike! Fantastic! What else do we need? Anna Hazare went on a hunger strike to knock out corruption from the country. I don’t know what will happen to that eventually but the others have definitely got something new to do now. Confused? Don’t be. It’s simple. We Indians have the herd mentality. We do what everyone else does. Anna Hazare did Ann shann to wipe out corruption so now even Baba Ramdev joined the league!

What is the de facto? Why is he doing it? Is he really vexed about the corruption in the country? Or are there any personal gains behind it? What Anna Hazare did was different and what this guy is doing is not even close. Anna Hazare did not ask anyone to follow him. He was a frustrated stupid common man who lost his patience and decided to take a step forward. He only said what he wanted to do and went ahead with it and got the entire India supporting him. The common man was with him. He did not ask anyone personally to support him for the cause. Nor did he have any followers. He is a simple man who has all the simplicity - you name it. He have it and who genuinely wants to bring about the ‘change’! People just followed him, from big personalities and celebrities to the simple (read: stupid) common man.

But the case with Baba Ramdev is incomparable. His followers are his patients, who do his yoga. They too are innocent people and somewhere down the line are discontented. And ok even if we assume that his intentions are pure, then why was he running dress like a woman, jumping and hiding in the crowd to hide himself? So comparing him with Anna Hazare would be inappropriate.

There are a lot of other problems in this country like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, female infanticide, and so many more. Look into that. If you really want to do something then do it to get rid all these problems also. Why is everyone behind corruption? Or are we waiting for another Anna Hazare to stand against the other problems and then we all will follow him (the herd mentality)!

What have we done as individuals? I agree not everyone is Anna Hazare and I am not even asking everyone to get up and go on hunger strike or any such strike. But do we even do the simple things which are in our hands? I have noticed so many times while commuting, people eat chips and wada pau’s and then throw the trash out of the window. Why? How hard is it to throw it in the dustbin? Why do we spit on the roads? Those roads are built from the taxes that we pay. Don’t we know that? How comfortably we spoil our own property. The bottom line is, it’s not about who has done what. It’s about what have you done? We all have become pessimists. All we do is criticize the system and point fingers at others. Anyone can do that. We are building hatred and in the long run, we all will drown in this hatred.

We are Indians! We are the biggest democracy in the world. We were the ones who united and kicked the British out of our house. We had Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Sing, Indira Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who were born here and who brought a change. I know I am stating nothing new here but even though we have read all this a hundred times, we still haven’t got it fixed in our heads. The eyes do the reading but then it vanishes from there itself. I wonder if it ever touched our hearts.

Ever wished you would have done something, but didn't? Something you wanted to do, perhaps even needed to do; but for one reason or no reason at all, you just never did. We all have. And many of us still do. Instead of doing, we don't. And a lifetime of missed opportunities passes us by.

What's the deal here? What makes us frequently turn our backs on the very things that are important to us, things that give our lives meaning and purpose? Why do we needlessly allow so many magical moments to silently slip away?

Why do we leave a trail littered with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams instead of just doing what needs to be done?


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