Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Ever CRUNCH !!!

So finally I’ve got myself again to sit and write something. Not that I dislike writing. It’s just that sometimes I have a lot to say but just don’t have the words. Just like my last internship at Network 18 (in.com). I was lucky enough to get an internship at in.com for MTV Crunch. I know it was over long back. But then you know it’s never too late.

It’s been almost a week I left that office where I had the best time ever. I admit that working for crunch.in.com as a live blogger was the best internship ever. I learnt so much, made so many new buddies…in short it was just superb!

It all started with a call I got from the HR of Network 18 during my study leave. That time I was already interning with a PR firm and so I showed no interest in the opportunity he was offering me. But a big big biggg thanks to him, because had he not forced me to come for the interview, I wouldn’t have cared at all.

So next day I went to Network 18 with my friend, hoping it would be a simple interview where he would ask me about my future plans and that would be it. But how wrong I was! It turned out to be completely opposite to what I had expected. The moment I entered the office I was astounded! It was just like one of those offices you see in those daily soaps. Just the kind of office I always wanted to work in. And suddenly I was tensed and nervous, because I knew that getting into an organization like this is never going to be easy.

And I was right! The HR (Vinod) came and he took me in for a chat. He asked general stuff like my exams, future plans. He asked if saw the site and all. It was relaxed and cool. Then he gave me the actual jhatka where he told me that I will be required to give a 45 minutes test, based on which they will decide whether I fit the bill or no. I was all nervous and panicking but then it passed. And frankly speaking, the moment I finished it, I somehow knew that I haven’t made it. I was like that person who has no more hopes in life and whose life has ended. (Very dramatic, right?)

Exams ended and I got back to my internship at the PR firm. But I had lost all interest. Now if you show a person dairy milk silk which he could get but then give him mango bite, that person is surely not gonna like it. After a long week, one evening I got a call. By then I had given up all hopes. But as they say, “great things happen when you least expect them”. The call was from Network 18 and they told me that I was selected! My immediate reaction was “Really??!! Yippppeeeeeeeee! I was on top of the world. My immediate reaction was to call my mom and gave her the fantastic news. My mom always told me that I would get it. Somewhere down the line she was sure about it. And her magic worked this time also! I love her so much. It’s like whatever she says it happens! Period!

I was just way too excited about it. The first day when I entered the office I was all energetic. Usually, I am nervous and not so excited but this was something totally different. From the beginning it was different. On the first day I met all my team members and in the blink of an eye, we were all talking and laughing. Then within 2 days we had started with our training session.

And hence, the journey started…from live blogging, to those short coffee breaks, to the team lunches. Everything was just mesmerizing. I loved every bit of it. I used to love going to office. I had friends there, the seniors were super cool, and every single bit of it was crazy!

It was indeed the best ever internship and I certainly miss it. Once again, thanks to Smruti for showing confidence in me and Aditi, my team leader who helped me improve a lot. I will miss all of you.


Juzer said...

i remember that day when we met you were damn excited about the call :D
congrats! :)

alisha adnan said...

Thank You! :)

aadi said...

dat wz sooo cute....i just hd a drop....u knw wat i'm tlkng abt,itz just arnd da crnr f my eye all da tym.
U just mde me go thru ll dat n flashes....luv u a lot n mah ishtyle papps n jhapps al bahby..i miss u ...i adore u...bus baaki sab secret h....

alisha adnan said...

I am glad you liked it! After all you all made it so special! :)

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