Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three Blasts In Mumbai! The Unlucky July!

First it was 7/11 then 26/11 and now 13/11. (ek silsila sa chala jane kab inteha hogi)
It looks like ‘11’ is indeed the most deadly number for the Mumbaikars. It has very much become a part of Mumbaikar’s life. It happened now… It will happen again and again there will be some more candle rallies. Some more politicians blaming each other. Some more committees will be formed to STUDY the blasts. And some more hats off to Mumbai’s Undying Spirit!

And look at the coincidence! It’s Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab’s birthday! Looks like the terrorists were celebrating his birthday at the cost of the innocent’s life! Is it their way of thanking us for taking such good care of their buddy?

Everybody...People, Politicians, Police is talking ‘what happened?’ but nobody is bothering ‘Why it happened?’
Why did it happen AGAIN? Why the innocent people were killed AGAIN? What happened to the National Security? Or is it that we are supposed to get used to this now and make it a part of our daily life?

Looks like it’s a Tom and Jerry chase for the mumbaikar! It’s either the rains or the blasts or maybe something else. And they talk about the Spirit of accept and move on. But will please someone tell us… How long?... For how long?
Should we just rely on our luck and never feel safe by the System?


Priynaka said...

i think this is what every mumbaikar feels
just everyone's thoughts are put together here
thanx alisha :)

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