Monday, October 24, 2011

Never. The. Less.

My dad who usually doesn’t do this, today, while munching some cucumber suddenly asked me about my new blog post. I thought the kind of posts I was posting these days wasn’t really his genre. But since he asked, I had to answer which I didn’t because I didn’t have any. Even this isn’t supposed to be a post considering I am not writing it for that purpose. These are just words which because of the technological advancement are getting typed instead of flowing out of a pen. A fountain pen precisely. I personally feel the posts that are the most random and are absolutely unplanned are the most effective. They in a way define your thinking which in turn defines you. The world outside is judgemental and so it shall judge you.

And mind you, these judgements can be based on anything. Use a few vulgar or abusive words in your statement and those words will be the basis on which you will be measured as a person. A judgement is formed and no matter how hard you try you cannot escape it. Social media makes you handicap that way. You can’t really go out there and be open and bland with your views because “what will others think?” it’s pretty obscure how this world functions. Whatever you do is implicated in ways beyond your imagination. You have to express your anger in words that do not hurt other’s sentiments and still make an impact.

The mere point of the whole situation is lost. Okay, here’s an example for you. Judge yourself.

Example : Gaddafi was a f****ng B*****d. Glad he’s dead.
Gaddafi was a bad man. Glad he’s dead.

Well the first option makes an impact for me. Could be anything for you. Depending on how you perceive things and people.

These are just a bunch or words that will make for another blog post. Was trying to write something on the lines of stream of consciousness. Don’t know if this fits the bill. 


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