Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cause We Live To Eat

One of the most happening phenomena in a youth’s life is fast food chains. Yummy food and variety in the same is all they ask for. In this fast paced life, a person desires tasty and pocket friendly food which fast food joints offer. Unlike many Indians who still carry their lunch along, others now prefer grabbing a bite at McDonald’s or Subway. It satisfies their tummies and is tasty at the same time.

Western chains of fast food like Domino’s, KFC, McDonald’s when first entered the Indian market, they had to compete with the spicy Indian street food and the much adored home-cooked repasts. Adding more spices and a little tadka to the traditional menus, creating more vegetarian options made these restaurants more accessible. The youth now prefers the new fast food chains than the old Udipi restaurant because a burger tastes better than vada sambar.

While these fast food chains adapt to the Indian food chain, they face another obstacle - real estate which is difficult to find in over-crowded Indian cities. While the international joints face this hurdle, the fast food chain stalls in the Indian cities settle themselves on the nooks and corners of the streets giving us our favorite dishes that we resort to when we are short on cash and when that’s the only thing our stomach hankers for.

The market of fast food chains in India is competitive. Indians are food lovers. The chain of fast food in a way binds them together. A new fast food joint implies new savor and variety. Apart from being foodies, status symbol also plays an eminent role.  Teenagers might pick up Subway compared to a local vada pau stall because eating a sub is cooler than eating a vada pau.

So, one shouldn’t be surprised to see the remarkable augmentation of the fast food chains in India. 


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